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4-H is a youth organization that builds future leaders by providing a positive foundation and developing essential skills for future generations. Washington County 4‑H is a community for all kids, from every background and with any interest. In 4‑H, we believe in the power of young people. We see that every child has valuable strengths and the power to improve their community.


4-H is committed to fostering youth development and growing future leaders. Through participation, youth develop and exercise leadership skills, gain a greater awareness of their civic responsibilities, participate in hands-on, member led, community service projects, and learn how to contribute to the world around them. 4-H also provides numerous opportunities to apply for scholarships and build their extracurricular activities.

Washington County 4-H Service Award Winner Infographic


Youth are encouraged to work on projects in 4-H to develop life skills, hone their talents, and gain new experiences. With over 50 projects to choose from, ranging from Robotics and Photography to Leadership and Forestry, Arkansas youth have opportunities to grow in their knowledge while having fun experiences with their friends and families. There are many educational workshops on each level to get members involved and help them learn about their projects and interests.

4-H Membership is Free and open to all youth ages 5-19


Throughout the year, there are a number of competitive events that supplement 4-H project work ranging from Public Speaking and Livestock Judging to BB Shooting and Bicycling. These contests are held on the County, District, State and National level and consist of both team and individual events. Youth in 4-H learn effective team building skills in their clubs and contests. The 4-H O-Rama program is the event that serves as the culmination of a 4-H member’s year of hard work and dedication. O-Rama consists of approximately 40 competitive 4-H events



From Virtual Culinary Camps to the Citizenship Washington Focus Trip and Teen Leader Conference, 4-H is packed full of opportunities to get involved and learn by doing. 4-H teaches leadership, teamwork, citizenship, record keeping, public speaking, and many more skills young people will use throughout their lives. Youth members gain lifelong friendships and valuable life skills by getting hands on learning opportunities!


1. Contact the Washington County Cooperative Extension Office at (479) 444-1755 for club meeting information.

2. Visit clubs to see which one is right for your family. Each club is unique and meet in various locations around the county. There are several specialty clubs that are geared toward certain project areas, as well as numerous all purposes clubs that do a wide range of things!

3. Attend two club meetings, provide information to your club leaders and then you can officially register at (Join 4-H)

4. Attend monthly club meetings and activities regularly to keep your membership current

Washington County 4-H Membership Infographic
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