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4-H Member Zach Gardner

Why do we do what we do?
Simple, because of the 4-H members and the impact the program has on their lives.


The Washington County 4-H Foundation believes in the lasting impact of

4-H on young lives. 

Our mission is to develop, steward and distribute financial resources for the use and benefit of 4-H and to otherwise support the mission and growth of 4-H members in Washington County, Arkansas.

Our foundation is made up of dedicated board members from all across Washington County, who are passionate about helping the youth in the 4-H program reach their full potential. For decades, the Washington County 4-H Foundation has helped make it possible for 4-H youth to represent our 4-H program at numerous state and national events, attend countless educational trainings and workshops as well as receive various scholarships and awards for their achievements in their 4-H project work. The Foundation is proud to support the Washington County 4-H program because we have seen first hand how it can have a positive impact on the lives of young people. From teaching leadership skills and community service to equipping youth with the mindsets and teamworking abilities they need to succeed in life, 4-H truly makes even the best of the young generation even better.

4-H Clover Emblem

Meet Our Board Members:

4-H Foudation President, Neal Pendergaft

"4-H youth are all the best, hard working, most compassionate and motivated young people you will ever meet.  As a past 4-H dad, I am honored to serve on the 4-H Foundation board, and help raise funds to provide more opportunities for all of our 4-H members."

Neal Pendergraft
President, Washington County 4-H Foundation Board

  • Kaye Ashworth

  • Gail Dewey

  • Shannon Glenn

  • Teresa Luney

  • Don Meyer

  • Neal Pendergraft

  • Vicki Penny

  • William Penny

  • Penny Storms

  • Katie Teague

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